Sharing Success

Fresh Drink is the result of the hard work, inventiveness and diligence of the company’s founders. And certainly not a small amount of luck, too. To give back, Markus Raths and Bruno Schiess are getting time and again involved in areas where they believe they can have a positive impact. Where exactly and with what resources you can discover in these stories.

Water for the Maderaner Valley

In the Urner village of Bristen, more precisely in the hamlet of Frentschenberg, the water supply is in acute danger because of the decreasing output of springs. And though the hamlet holds an emergency water supply, it doesn’t meet the quality requirements. What this means for day-to-day life is that during dry periods, the farmers and residents lack sufficient water. A project to resupply water is currently planned, with Markus Raths at the helm as project manager. The project aims to connect Frentschenberg’s water supply to Bristen’s water supply so that existing water resources are better utilised. The goal is to have a new water supply by 2015 that will provide Frentschenberg residents with good quality – and, above all, plenty of – drinking water. Residual water found primarily in the mountains around the hamlet will be redirected for agricultural purposes.

Further information about the project can be found at www.frentschenberg.ch

The project is still lacking funds and donations are gratefully accepted:
IBAN for the Donations Account: CH 61 8143 3000 0005 70002 9