Quality, Quality, Quality

Of course we aim to keep the Fresh Drink range trendy, but far more important to us are the quality and approach behind our drinks. Why? Because our clients and customers are loyal to us for a reason – they know they can count on what we deliver. And that kind of loyalty is invaluable. Which is why we’ve made it a priority to certify our company.

Bio Suisse Bud Label

Organic farming is sustainable, meets the needs and standards of the modern consumer, and also supports small and cooperative farming enterprises that place an emphasis on fair working conditions.
For us, organic is a matter of principle, not simply a matter of affixing any label, which is why we adhere to the strict principles of Bio Suisse, which include:

  • Whole-farm approach: farms managed organically in their entirety within a closed circle cycle with natural diversity
  • No genetic engineering on any level
  • No use of chemical-synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilisers
  • No use of unnecessary additives such as flavourings and colourings
  • Non-aggressive processing of foodstuffs
  • Regular inspection of organic production and processing

ISO FSSC 22000

We are committed to the most stringent standards, which is demonstrated through our internationally recognised certifications. Our company is certified according to both the ISO 22000/2011 Standard and the FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) 22000.

The ISO 22000 (in Germany known as DIN EN ISO 22000) is the first internationally recognised quality standard that focuses on the food chain as a whole and defines requirements for a food safety management system. The certification verifies a company’s process-oriented approach for developing, implementing and optimising its management system in order to ensure food safety. ISO 22000 also incorporates legal requirements and responsibilities related to product liability.

The FSSC 22000 certificate is also based on ISO standards and is an internationally recognised process for verifying and certifying food safety of the entire supply chain.